New Products and a new site design!

We are always working on new designs and fresh ideas to bring to our store. We have a backlog of new designs that are currently in the pipeline, as well as new products to feature our existing designs. There are some amazing things coming up and we cannot wait to share them with everyone!

We are currently running a Spring sale that gives 15% off purchases on all items in the store. Just use code BUTTERFLY at checkout! Good until May 31st.

We are also working on the site from the back end as well! A new and cleaner looking website is in the works as well as further expansion of our other social media sites. A YouTube channel as well as Facebook and Pinterest are just a few of the coming additions we are working on. 

So, be sure to check in with us and watch out for new products and designs as well as new ways to interact with us at Butterflies and Barbs across social media!